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Engon is an enigmatic music producer from Los Angeles, California.

Their music and visual aesthetic bridges the gaps between ‘80s Synth-pop, ‘90s House, and modern electronic for a contemporary vision of a 1980s sci-fi future. Engon is best known for their contrast between the ideas of man and machine. Musically, Engon contrasts drum machines and cold, synthesized sounds with lush, warm chords and melodies. Aesthetically, Engon covers their face at all times with a stylized geometric helmet.

In 2017, Engon released their first official singles: “Fck It”, “Tip Top”, and “Bromeliad”. In 2017, Engon released three new singles: “Tonight”, “Whatever”, and a cover of Andy Shauf’s “To You”. Engon is currently working on original music, covers, and remixes that will be added to their catalog.